It is so important for our students to learn about setting goals, not just in the new year, but all the time. We know that if improvements are going to happen we need some type of plan to get there. With these new year resources your students will be well on their way to being their best!

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The new year symbolizes so many things...fresh beginnings, changes for the better, a sense of clean. It is a chance to start over in the areas that just aren’t working for you. We love to work with our students on setting goals in the new year for themselves so that they can be the best version of them. It is also a fun time to look back on the positive things that have happened to them and to think about how much they have grown. The new year can be a wonderful time in your classroom.

Have you ever noticed how much your students change from the start of the year to the end of winter break? It is almost like they come back as different kids. So even though it is January and not technically the start of the school year, we love to use this Start of the Year Flipbook Freebie again.

Start of the Year Flipbook

We use this resource in August to help our students get to know one another and so that we can learn some things about them to make connections. But using it in January allows our students to see the way they have changed and helps in setting goals in the new year for the improved versions of themselves. There are 10 pages of activities that create great reflection. And yes, it is all free for you!

The New Year Flipbook is a traditional paper or digital option to help your students with setting goals in the new year and reflecting on how they have changed. One of the key focuses is critical thinking, setting them up for success throughout the remainder of the year.

New Year Flipbook

With 28 pages of activities, your students will have a great time figuring out what they need to continue and where they need to make changes. This is the perfect activity for the first week back to school after winter break while your students are relearning the routines of the classroom.

Have you used lapbooks with your students yet? We love them! They are interactive and there are so many ways you can make them unique. We also get feedback from our parents every time about the keepsake the lapbook becomes.

It took many years of that stress, but I have finally created what I feel like is the perfect planner for teachers. And now I am sharing it with you! This planner covers it all! We have created a printable version in both fun colors and black and white, but there is also a customizable digital edition.

Start of the Year Lapbook

The New Year Lapbook is a great resource for setting goals in the new year among other activities. Your students will look back over 2021 and think about the good things they did. They will set goals for 2022 that can be reviewed throughout the remainder of the year. And they can spend some time seeing how students in other regions of the world celebrate the new year. With a little creativity this lapbook will become a favorite.