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Established in 2018, Mr M’s Instastuff was created with the purpose of making topic based resources to make teachers lives easier. We specialise in resources that are relevant, can be instantly downloaded and used straight away in the classroom.

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Halloween Fun

A Little Bit of Spookiness

Do your students love all things spooky? Usually by the time Halloween comes around our students need some extra fun built into their day. They have worked so hard and we want to reward that.

We have three Halloween Fun resources that we love to use to fill in the extra time for our early finishers, rainy day recesses or just some team building time in the classroom…and our students love the little bit of spookiness!

Halloween Booklet

When the world went digital last year we found that we had to scramble a little to create fun for our students. We were so used to being together in the classroom and easily incorporating things like seasonal word searches and coloring pages. Using these items on the computer was a bit more challenging.

That is why we created our Halloween Booklet for some Halloween Fun. This booklet is 100% digital and our students loved it! They got to complete not only word searches but also crosswords and acrostic poems. With 15 pages included there is enough to use everyday during the Halloween season.


Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Feedback from buyers:

“This was a great resource for online learning. I used it for early finishers. It is so difficult to find fun and engaging activities for students to complete digitally, that would normally be easy to access in the classroom, such as word searches, etc.”

Halloween Bingo

Our favorite way to have Halloween fun in our classroom is while also learning! Our Halloween Bingo is the best of both worlds. We know our students have fun with this game, but they are also learning listening skills, how to follow directions and problem solving skills. We’ve included everything you need for an easy activity.

There are 10 Bingo Cards and 16 Individual Calling Cards. All of them are in a brightly coloured PDF format. You can print and laminate for reuse through multiple years. Halloween Bingo can even be used independently by the students when they have extra time in the classroom.

We love to make one of our students the “caller” and allow them to play in a small group.


This is a 14 page PDF including a Bingo cards and Individual Shout Out Cards . Not only is this game fun , listening skills as well as problem solving skills can be developed at the same time. Use this game to engage children in building successful listening skills whilst gaining an insight into strategic problem solving .

Would You Rather?

Life would be perfect if every student came back to school still mastering all the skills they lDid you ever play Would You Rather as a child? It creates a little giggle that the game we played as children is still a favorite in our classroom today. This is the perfect time filler for those ever changing schedules..it never seems to fail that we have about 10 minutes before it is time for our lunch group to head to the cafeteria.

It is not enough time to start something new, but we also can’t let the students just “sit” there without having behavior management issues. The Halloween Edition of Would You Rather is the perfect Halloween Fun to fill that space. With 30 different Would You Rather questions our students are engaged and enjoying themselves. We love that it also encourages thinking skills and listening development. Sent in full colour PDF format, these are a quick option for fun.


This bundle includes 3 resources ranging from sit down writing activities to games reinforcing Halloween specific vocabulary . Included in this bundle;

1. The Halloween Booklet – this is a fantastic resource built around printables to engage learners in the vocabulary of Halloween. This pack also includes 4 coloring pages which is enjoyed no matter the stage . 

2. Halloween Bingo – included in this pack is the ever engaging game of bingo !!! Learners will pick Halloween themed imagery and cross them off their own playing cards . 

3. Halloween Would You Rather ? – this pack includes a number of talking points for learners to get engaged in . The debates in this resource are a fantastic way to allow children to develop their thinking and discuss their opinions .


Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is a 7 page PDF including 30 ‘Would You Rather’ questions backed onto Halloween clipart . Use this to encourage thinking skills as well as talking and listening development . I really enjoy games like this as the reasons behind the answers really do show how children are developing in their thinking skills .

Costumes Abound

It won’t be long before your students start to discuss their costumes for this year and dream of all the candy they will eat.

Halloween Fun is almost here! We are here to help you get ready for all the spookiness and learning in your classroom. Our TpT store is stocked full of Halloween and Fall themed items and we are adding new stuff all the time.

Make sure you check it out and let us know what you would like to see next!

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