If, like me, you have a constant battle every year with your students trying to build their fluency within multiplication, this post is for you !! Students show great success within numeracy when fundamental maths facts are retained as early as possible. I aim to share some ideas with you to help within your classroom.

One of the most engaging ways that I have found success when trying to build fluency within multiplication is through the use of good old fashioned games. My absolute favourites are Jenga, Connect 4 and Guess Who.

I am always amused when my students ask my how I am going to spoil a good game with numeracy questions. They know that I always something up my sleeve to get their attention. The annoying thing for them is that IT WORKS !!

One of the most engaging ways to engage young students these days in their learning is through the use of technology. I have included some of my favourite websites below that I have used throughout the last few years to build fluency.

All three websites are a fantastic way to engage students in building fluency within multiplication. Every website has a wide range of games that students love to extend their knowledge of math facts.

MULTIPLICATION SPEED RACERS are a tool that I have been using within my own classroom for 5 years. It is a fun and engaging activity that my students LOVE.

Based on a timed activity format, this activity allows students to see their fluency build over time. Each multiplication station has 5 task sheets with 40 questions that are timed to assess levels of fluency within your classroom.


Click the link to download my FREE MULTIPLICATION SPEED RACE SAMPLE. Included within this FREEBIE is 5 printables and 5 Google Slides to give you a taster of what is included within the full resource.

I hope that this post has been helpful.

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