Finding new and exciting ways to promote spelling strategies is something that I have struggled with since I became a teacher. Supporting learners who are able to use their knowledge of phonic rules and patterns is something that will help them across a number of other literacy activities.

After searching for ways to support learners in phonological awareness I decided to build my own bank of spelling activities, 20 to be specific.

Each page is based on a specific spelling strategy that will help to reinforce phonological awareness with a specific focus for the learner. Using these printables every week has helped to reinforce spelling strategies as well as allowing learners to see spelling patterns and phonics in a new light.

Having used these printables over the last two years, I have been able to see the positive impact this has bad on my learners. Not only are they able to show their knowledge of phonological rules and patterns, but they are able to transfer this into other areas of literacy, such as reading, writing, listening and talking.

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