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Welcome to Mr M’s InstaStuff! I am passionate about creating dynamic and exciting resources for the classroom. As a primary teacher, I often found that I was working throughout the day, engaging learners, then rushing home at night to make another resource to encourage further learning.

I then thought of the thousands of teachers, all of which spend time reinventing the same wheel. I believe that, as teachers, we need to be working smarter not harder.

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Hi, My names Mr M – I currently work in a primary school in Scotland. I have experience of teaching across the primary curriculum. I have a keen interest in Digital Literacy, Literacy and Numeracy, Nurture and supporting young people to achieve their best.

I originally started my resource making journey back two years ago. I purchased a resource from a fellow teacher on TPT. I was always passionate about sharing my work on Instagram and Twitter – this then developed into making my own resources to benefit other teachers like me.

Things I Love – Traveling, laminating, shopping at Office World, playing the piano, swimming and spending time with my family and friends.

Things I Don’t Love – unorganised moments, inefficiency,